0:00 Introduction
1:00 In Which Trimester, There Is Greater Risk of Miscarriage?
1:15 In Which Trimester Should Dental Treatments Be Performed?
1:25 Are Dental Treatments Safe During Pregnancy?
2:00 Emergency Management
2:38 Scaling
2:47 Polishing
2:52 Restorations & Root Canal Treatment
3:22 Epinephrine Containing LA Safe?
3:49 Radiographs
4:27 Specifications For Dental Radiography In Pregnant Patients
4:44 Pregnant Patient Positioning
5:45 Hypertension In Pregnant Patients
6:28 Gestational Diabetes
6:51 Breathing Changes
7:09 Oral Changes
7:37 Water Fluoridation
8:12 Stress On Good Oral Hygiene
8:30 Referral
8:46 Conclusion

In this video I have explained “Patient positioning”, Safe period for initiating various dental treatments, Emergency care, Administration of local anaesthesia, Radiographs & Fluoride supplements etc.