This video is a simulated dental appointment with Dr Chhaya Chauhan (GDC: 83940) and Jon Love of Electric Teeth.

See what you can generally expext as part of a regular/routine dental checkup.
Key Points:

– Attend you check-up regularly

– Try not to be too nervous

– You will be asked to fill in a form with your personal details name, address etc

– You will be asked to fill in a medical form and update it every time you attend so

– Ask lots of questions, a check is an opportunity to have an open dialogue

– A check will usually start off with ‘taking a history’ which means asking lots of questions about your dental habits such as:
– Do you have any problems with your teeth, if so can you describe the problem and its history
– How often you brush and floss
– What your diet is like (sugar and acid intake)
– Any habits such as smoking, alcohol etc

– The dentist will then check the skin inside and outside your mouth and feel the lymphnodes in your neck

– They will then chart each tooth in your mouth

– They will then check your gums

– If needed, xrays will be taken

– Any relevant finding will be explained to you and options are given about what treatment is needed and a treatment plan formulated for you.
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