Advanced new imaging technologies help dentists work more effectively. This powerful new tool helps a dentist saves up to 5 – 6 minutes per patient, which leads to at least one extra patient per day!

With just the tap of a pedal, a miniature dental camera helps a dentist perform a multitude of tasks including picture-taking, patient education, video documentation and professional collaboration – all in less than 0.5 seconds. Easily use the new miniature camera technology by integrating with the chair light or loupe.

Say goodbye to the interruptive and time-consuming traditional imaging. Up to 5 minutes is easily wasted stopping the procedure, de-gloving, finding a camera, lining up the shot, and transferring the data.

Remember to visually review treatment suggestions with the patient, which leads them to likely accept the new procedure. A video is the easiest way to educate patients and even send personal treatment advice straight to their smartphones.

Trusted by thousands of dentists from all around the world, this game-changing camera technology offers a compelling and efficient new way to document and communicate in modern dental practices.

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