Dental Assisting – Assist with Minor Oral Surgery

We are excited to offer you our brand new suite of Dental Assisting education modules with web-based skills simulations. They were a first for dental assisting education!

This video is a tiny sneak peek into our Dental Assisting – Assist with Minor Oral Surgery module. But wait there’s more! – each module doesn’t only have a video, but also has a simulation where you can learn and practice the procedure interactively, step by step, then test your skills. On top of that the module includes an illustrated text description of the skill or procedure to read, a 3D model of relevant anatomy or equipment to explore, and a multi-choice quiz. All activity and scores are tracked in the logbook, so you can see your progress over time.

SIMTICS is powered by SimTutor Inc.

SimTutor creates simulation-based solutions to prepare students and professionals for mission-critical moments when they will need these skills the most.

The SIMTICS library of over 175 simulated healthcare procedures has been adopted by more than 350 schools across the US.

SimTutor also offers SimTutor Author, a software tool for creating life-like simulations and scenario-based eLearning.

The SIMTICS library covers a wide range of content for medical assisting, dental assisting, sonography, radiography, and more. The SIMTICS healthcare simulations are created using SimTutor Author.

Proof that SimTutor Inc is the only consideration when it comes to online simulation solutions.

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