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What happens if you find yourself having to go to the emergency room while lawfully carrying a concealed firearm? Can you be in legal trouble? What happens to your gun? In this informational video, U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski and noted criminal defense attorney/former state prosecutor Tom Grieve discuss what could happen to you and your gun when the EMTs arrive at the scene of an accident.

00:00 What happens to your gun if you need to be hospitalized while carrying a concealed handgun?
00:36 Kevin was shocked by how little his EMT friends knew about safe gun handling and local gun laws.
01:10 What is your legal recourse to get your gun back after it is removed from you in an ambulance on the way to the hospital?
02:42 Kevin offers advice to EMTs and other emergency responders on safely dealing with a patient’s firearm.
03:11 What steps can gun owners take to make it easier to claim their gun after an accident?
03:54 How do state marijuana laws factor into being in an accident while carrying a concealed pistol?
05:29 It is your responsibility to know and follow all local, state and federal firearms laws. Visit USCCA.com/Laws to stay up to date on gun laws.
05:59 If you carry a gun, make sure you can positively identify it. Know the make and model and keep photos of the gun and its serial number in your smartphone.

Have you ever had your gun taken from you following a car wreck? How did it play out? Let us know in the comments.

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