I am Harry Rothenberg from The Rothenberg Law Firm
If you’re a teenager or young adult driver
I am the last person on the planet you want to meet in real life.
The reason is that if you do meet me it’s likely to be for one of two reasons.
The first reason could be because your were injured in a horrible situation;
a car wreck, train, or plane, or boat crash, or for some other catastrophe.
In that instance, I’ll represent you. I’ll get you money.
I may get you a lot of money, but in all my years of practice – and I’ve been doing this now for twenty years – I have never once met a client, even clients for whom we’ve recovered millions of dollars,
who wouldn’t give back every penny to get back their health.
The second reason you might meet me is if you’re responsible for a crash.
If you’re behind the wheel of a car and you hurt someone, or cripple someone, or kill someone. I might represent that person, or that family. And trust me, by the time I’m done with you at your deposition or at the trial you will wish we had never met.
I get it.. I was a teenager once and know how much fun it is to get behind the wheel of a car and gun it.
I had the opportunity recently to get behind the wheel of a Corvette Stingray.
I took it up over 120 miles an hour.
But that was on a racetrack, wearing a helmet,
with a professional instructor whispering in my ear on a wireless
I wasn’t on a highway. I wasn’t drag racing.
I wasn’t racing a friend on a residential street. I wasn’t tired after staying up the whole night
I wasn’t high on drugs. I wasn’t intoxicated.
I wasn’t in-texti-cated.. I always tell teenagers and young adults when they first start driving that
every car manufacturer has an obligation to build a special receptacle in a special place in every car into which a teenager or inexperienced driver can put their cell phone.
People say to me: Really, what part of the car is that? And I say; the trunk.
Because if you’re an inexperienced driver, that’s where your phone belongs.
And that’s where for a lot of experienced drivers as well.
I was driving recently with someone who may or may not be one of my relatives
And we pulled up to a red light. She was driving, and she took out her cell phone and started texting.
I said what in the world are you doing? She said we are at a red light, What’s the problem?
I said the problem is that when that light turns green you won’t know it.
Because you were not looking at the roadway. The guy behind us will honk his horn. You won’t realize that while you were sitting still, the light changed. The guy coming towards us who wants to make a left turn, rather than waiting, seeing you sitting, will make the left turn and you’ll be startled by the horn.
You will step on the gas.
And you will hit that person and cause a crash because you were texting at a red light. There have been far too many times in my career when I’ve had to review autopsy photos of people who were killed; because a young person was driving carelessly. Be careful. Don’t drive if you’re tired
Don’t drive if you’re high. Don’t drive if you’re drunk. Don’t drive while texting. Don’t drive fast to impress anyone. Don’t ruin your life.
And don’t ruin the life of someone else.

Dangers of Teen Driving: Risks and Possible Solutions