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Jackie, weather can have a serious impact on Atlanta traffic any time of year but especially in winter with wet and icy conditions, dense fog and ice and even snow.

Yes Shannon. the number of severe weather related car accidents in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia is simply staggering. Here are just two examples. In Cherokee County, there were 90 accidents reports in a two hour time frame. In Cobb County, over 200 crashes in that same time period.

One big problem is that some drivers make no effort to drive more cautiously in really bad conditions. They fly by in high speed, don’t adjust to the change in road conditions, and put everyone at greater risk. Rather than treating bad weather as a challenge to be overcome, it really needs to be viewed as a dangerous condition requiring extreme caution.

So when weather turns fowl, we want everyone to please slow down, allow more space between you and the other drivers, turn on headlights so you are more visible, and be sure to check wipers and wiper fluid before you head out. Keeping your windshield clean is so important to visibility especially in severe weather.

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o Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta
o Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta
o Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA
o Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta, GA

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