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Yes, he can. A patient is classified as a diabetic if the fasting blood glucose is constantly above 140 mg/dl. A fasting blood glucose level of below 200 mg/dl is considered safe for most minor oral surgical procedures including extractions. However being diabetic makes you prone for lot of infections and has a poor effect on the healing capacity of the whole body. Hence it is mandatory to have an adequate amount of broad spectrum antibiotic coverage before and after your dental extraction. Also an optimum levels of blood glucose levels has to be maintained. So don’t skip your insulin or any other oral antihypoglycemic medications prescribed by your doctor. A preoperative blood glucose evaluation will be required by your dentist. Also if possible, a morning appointment schedule for your dentist would be ideal. Being diabetic doesn’t exclude you form any kind of dental treatment or you have to shy away from going to your dentist. You can always get your regular checkups doe, your scaling and restorations and fillings done without any hassle but for slightly complex and invasive procedures like the gingival flap surgeries or the implant procedures, there are few things you have to keep in mind and keep in check, the first is the random blood sugar, the RBS test will be required. The second one is HbA1C below 7 is what is ideal and the third and the key element is to be in constant touch with your dentist. Keep coming for follow up’s and schedule appointments and request the dentist for every moth appointments and they would gladly oblige and if anything goes wrong, we would be glad to help you out and monitor it.