What are the first steps you should take after an accident?

If you have recently been in a car accident in California you’ve been dealing with some difficult things:
1. You are being hounded by the insurance adjusters who want you to rush into a low settlement.
2. You are being buried in paperwork that is being sent to you by doctors, adjusters and possibly lawyers.
3. You are researching and trying to figure out if you even need an attorney.

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In this free e-book, written by an attorney who specializes in California accident cases, you will learn:
1. How some cases can be easily settled WITHOUT an attorney – saving you thousands (page 60)
2. How to debunk common myths about accident lawsuits (page 30)
3. How to determine if you have a strong claim by completing our accident equation questionnaire
4. How to make sure your medical treatment helps, not hurts, your case (page 38)
5. ThreeMistakes to avoid at the scene of the accident if you want to get paid (page 34)
6. “Strategies” car insurance companies routinely use to delay or deny claims (page 47)
7. Five Mistakes people make when getting medical treatment after an accident (page 41)
8. Eleven Specific pieces of information you should request from any lawyer BEFORE hiring them for your case (page 25)
9. Why you may not be at fault, even if you think you are (page 54)
10. How delaying action may kill your claim (page 58)
11. What you must actually prove to an insurance company BEFORE getting paid (page 68)
12. How 1 photograph can kill your claim (page 43)
13. What you can do if your own health insurance company demands repayment out of your settlement proceeds (page 48)
14. Why going to see a doctor recommended by your attorney may be the “Kiss of Death” to your case (page 38)
15. How to find the right attorney if you decide to hire one (page 22)
16. Where you can find the exact steps experienced attorneys have their clients take after an accident (page 75)
17. What an attorney needs to do in order to maximize your case (page 19)
… and MUCH MORE!

When you are involved in a car accident in California, it is important to have your car examined for defects as soon as possible. Typically, the car repair costs will be covered by either your own insurance company or the other parties’ insurance company. This will be dictated by what kind of insurance you have and what your deductible is.

Should you talk to the insurance adjuster? Do you have to talk to the insurance company?
No! Do not speak to the other parties’ insurance adjuster. We feel so strongly about this that there is an entire section about it in our free book, The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Ruin Your Accident Claim. There is no benefit in talking to the insurance adjuster from the other side. They are trained to drive down the value of the case by taking advantage of the fact that you might be unrepresented early.

Case Barnett Law serves all of Southern California and has offices located in San Clemente and Costa Mesa. The Case Barnett Law Injury Law Team has helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars for injury, elder abuse and wrongful death claims. We specialize in a variety of personal injuries including those that are a result of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, brain injuries, nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect and more. We care deeply about our clients and stand by their side every step of the way throughout the legal process.

Why is it important to find the right personal injury attorney for you accident case? Why is it important to hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury? Only a personal injury attorney will know how to protect you from insurance adjusters and the negligent driver’s attorneys. Accident cases can be extremely complex. An attorney who specializes in personal injury will have a deep understanding of: damages (both economic and non-economic), discovery and all of the deadlines that accompany this phase of litigation, how to craft a powerful demand letter, negotiating settlement, coordinating with expert witness to testify in trial, undergoing mediation or trial and taking and defending depositions.

You have many options when it comes to hiring a law firm to represent you in an accident claim in Orange County, but don’t you want a firm that will treat you like family? At Case Barnett Law, our small but dedicated staff cares about you, not the potential value of your claim.

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