Google had an unconfirmed but pretty big Google Search ranking algorithm update on September 24th and 25th. Google hosted its big search event called the Search On event, Google spoke about MUM being added to more places in search and a bunch of other features. Google said it is going away from the 200 ranking signals figure because it is somewhat misleading. Google said product rich results enhancement report now will show more granular errors, starting on September 29th. Google posted new help documents for best practices with e-commerce sites in Google Search. Google said it is best not to have Google index sponsored product listings. Google said as searcher intent changes so does its query interpretation. A survey showed that most SEOs experienced unexpected ranking changes and most of that was due to a ranking drop. Many SEOs this week have noticed Search Console reporting the crawled, not indexed error but the pages are indeed indexed. Google said URL case sensitivity matters but maybe more so for robots.txt directives. Bing has this weird red dot in the search bar near the shopping tab. Google My Business now can show a label for Latino owned businesses. Google is testing seller ratings product star review box in the snippets. Google Ads launched new budget reports that visually show you more budgeting features. Google Ads is updating its sexually explicit content policy to be part of the more serious egregious policy. Google Ads is moving away from the last click attribution model to the data driven attribution model for conversion actions. And Google celebrated its 23rd birthday this past week. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – Big Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On September 24th and 25th? :
1:45 – Google Search On: MUM, Things To Know, Shoppable, About This Result & More :
6:55 – Google: 200+ Ranking Signals Figure Is Misleading :
7:35 – Google Products Rich Results Search Console Report Now More Granular :
7:59 – New Google Help Docs: Best Practices For Ecommerce In Google Search :
8:43 – Google: Best To Not Have Sponsored Products In Category Pages Indexed :
9:13 – Google’s Query Interpretation May Shift Over Time As Searcher Intents Change :
9:58 – Survey Says: Most SEOs Experience Unexpected Google Search Ranking Drops :
10:46 – SEOs Noticing Google Search Console Crawled, Not Indexed Errors Even When Indexed :
11:08 – Google Says URL Case Applies To Robots.txt Directives :
11:38 – Bing Search Mysterious Red Dot Near Shopping Tab :
11:54 – Google My Business Adds Latino-Owned Attribute :
12:08 – Google Tests Seller Rating Product Star Reviews Box Interface :
12:15 – Google Ads Gains New Budget Reports :
12:44 – Google Ads Sexually Explicit Content Policy Seen As Egregious Policy Violations :
13:01 – Google Ads Moves From Last Click To Data Driven Attribution (DDA) For Conversion Actions :
13:27 – Google’s 23rd Birthday Logo – Happy Birthday Google :
13:37 – Conclusion