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Jeff Snider from Eurodollar University gives his forecast for the global economy and makes a bold prediction about the next world reserve currency. Jeff stresses that a shift will occur but the corrupt banksters who run the economy won’t give up their vast power and wealth without a fight.

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00:00 Introduction
01:06 Unintended Consequences of Fed Policy
04:03 Inflation and US Dollar Collapse
06:17 Supply Shocks
09:33 Deglobalization
12:19 Money Disappearing
14:48 Hollowing Out of US Middle Class
18:31 Quality of Life
22:02 Digital Currency Standard
24:07 Eurodollar
25:30 Central Bank Digital Currencies
27:00 Backing a Reserve Currency
29:51 Cryptocurrencies
31:46 New Reserve Currency
33:08 CBDC Concerns
34:20 Technocratic Nation States
36:49 Banksters Will Fight Tooth & Nail
40:20 Governments and Bitcoin
41:26 How is Jeff Positioned?

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