Unfortunately, it is not possible to a give a dollar amount for an “average settlement” for being hit by a drunk driver in Michigan. The first question we usually receive about drunk driving accident cases is how much am I entitled to for my drunk driver settlement? In short, it depends. There are very many different factors that will determine how much your individual case is actually worth. Some of these include:

How many defendants are there?
How serious are the injuries you have sustained?
Does your doctor believe that you will make a full recovery?

Every auto accident settlement case is unique, so it’s important to talk to a car accident lawyer that is experienced dealing with cases involving drunk drivers. An attorney will help identify all the different avenues for getting you the most amount of financial compensation for you. Call The Clark Law Office today for a free consultation regarding your personal injury claim. https://theclarklawoffice.com/auto-accident-attorneys/drunk-driving-settlement/

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