When Google rolls out an algorithm update, it creates massive uncertainty since nobody knows exactly who has been impacted and whether it’s positive or negative.

Now that the dust has settled since Google rolled out its June Core Update, we can discuss and analyze what exactly has happened across the landscape of search engine rankings and results.

We interviewed three top SEO experts, who know a thing or two about evaluating Google updates. They shared their first hand experience dealing with the impact of the update.

Hosted by Ashley Segura
Website: http://madhouse-marketing.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashleymadhatter


Marie Haynes
Website: https://www.mariehaynes.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Marie_Haynes

Jason Mun
Website: https://www.overdose.digital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonmun

Eli Schwartz
Website: https://www.elischwartz.co/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5le

04:25 : Google Talks about the Algorithm Updates –

05:00 : What do we make of Google providing a transparent alert that they are updating their algorithm?

06:15 : How helpful was it knowing that an algorithm was coming?

08:26 : Are the updates based on ‘Quality’? How do you quantify ‘quality’ for clients?

10:05 : How do you evaluate a new brand/client’s site from a Google best practice perspective?

11:45 : How do we establish more significant algorithms updates?
Is it only one roll-out? Are there multiple updates back-to-back?

15:48 : How are updates different for Australian websites?

17:03 :Have you seen any of yours or your client’s site be impacted by either updates? Why do you think that was? Any patterns of specific industries or locations for this update that were affected?

20:25 : How do you advise penalized clients or clients nervous about traffic fluctuations after a major update?

21:57 : How long can you expect to recover from a core quality update?

24:07 : What do you recommend to clients when it doesn’t look like a site will ever recover from an update?

28:10 : What tools do you use to check a client site? How often are you using those tools to check after an update?

29:45 : Any recommendations for a site owner that is suffering a traffic loss due to Google’s June 2019 broad core update or algorithm tremor?

31:45 : Do people always point their finger at Google for negative search results?

34:18 : Google stresses the importance of having an honest site
What can we qualify as an honest site? How can a site owner provide this level of trust to a visitor?

36:45 : How can someone who is new to SEO evaluate tools to use on their website? How do they know it’s actually adding value to their site?

38:00 : Audience – Question & Answers

38:26 : Why does targeting featured snippets always result in a no click search?

43:00 : For natural health sites, what’s the best way to adjust to the algorithm updates?

46:52 :How do you feel ‘EAT’ affects automotive sites?
Should they include citations, and does it matter who the author is?

52:14 : What is the biggest difference between ranking for B2B versus for end users?

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