A car crash is something you don’t plan for. No one thinks about a personal injury attorney until they find themselves injured in an auto accident. Then the question becomes what to do next. Do I need a car accident lawyer? When to hire a car accident attorney? How bad do my injuries have to be to even need a lawyer? And how do I evaluate pain and suffering?

I spent some time with personal injury attorney and good friend Jarrett Johnson to get a comprehensive look, from a legal point of view, of what this process is like for someone who has been injured. How difficult are the insurance settlements, and for insight into some of the reasons to hire a lawyer after a car accident.

Personal injury attorneys can have a bad rap. That is why you will appreciate hearing from Jarrett. He is honest, straightforward and will give you a real picture of what to expect. There are two sides to every coin. Insurance companies have lawyers who try to make sure you get the least amount possible. Therefore, you want to have someone there who can defend you and make sure you get paid back the proper personal injury case value,

No matter how small the wreck, you want a personal injury attorney who acts on your behalf in dealing with the insurance company and guides you through the process.

This video will answer the basic questions you may have about getting a personal injury attorney after a car accident and what you can expect in settlement amounts.


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01:17 Should I Get a Car Accident Lawyer?
02:48 What Does it Mean to Be Legitimately Injured?
04:49 Can You Still See a Lawyer if You’ve Already Given a Statement to a Claims Adjuster?
05:50 What to Do After a Car Accident, A Checklist
1. Access Situation, Take Photos
2. Be Descriptive as You Can About Your Injuries, Be Honest About It
3. Get All Info You Can From the Driver
09:10 What if I Didn’t Do Any of Those Things?
10:25 Personal Injury Cases: The Process
1. Take Care of Yourself First
2. Keep a Journal of Your Symptoms
3. Lawyer Takes Care of Bill Collectors
4. Lawyer Submits a Demand to the Insurance Company
18:00 Clients Should Be Aware of Every Step Their Lawyer Takes
19:22 Automobile Accident Depositions
21:43 How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement?
24:13 Pain and Suffering Examples
27:33 Free Consultations?
28:56 Examples of Typical Cases,
32:40 Realities About How Long This Takes, Truth About Auto Accident Settlement Timelines
38:25 What Makes a Good Trial Lawyer?
40:48 What About an Accident That Is My Fault?
42:55 Anxious to Have a Case Over With? Doing It Right Takes Longer Sometimes
44:44 Lawsuit Advance Loans
47:17 Best Kansas City Restaurants!

Here is a blog post with all the videos in one place if you want a more comprehensive reference on how what to do if you are injured in a car accident:

Aimee Gromowsky (https://aimeetheattorney.com) and Jarrett Johnson (https://www.thejjlawfirm.com) Recorded March 28, 2019



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