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For example, Individual B’s predeceased spouse, Individual C, died before 2026, at a time when the basic exclusion amount was $11.4 million (USD).

Individual C had made no taxable gifts and had no taxable estate. Individual C’s executor elected, pursuant to §20.2010-2, to allow Individual B to take into account Individual C’s $11.4 million DSUE amount.

Individual B made no taxable gifts and did not remarry. The basic exclusion amount on Individual B’s date of death is $6.8 million.

Because the total of the amounts allowable as a credit in computing the gift tax payable on Individual B’s post-1976 gifts attributable to the basic exclusion amount (zero) is less than the credit based on the basic exclusion amount allowable on Individual B’s date of death, this paragraph (c) does not apply.

The credit to be applied for purposes of computing Individual B’s estate tax is based on Individual B’s $18.2 million applicable exclusion amount, consisting of the $6.8 million basic exclusion amount on Individual B’s date of death plus the $11.4 million DSUE amount, subject to the limitation of section 2010(d).

We address the challenges that many of our clients face in today’s global economic environment of complex tax and regulatory changes during adverse or catastrophic market conditions (the so-called “black swan” unexpected events that can dramatically affect global markets and change lives).

Alpha Family Office is the holistic solution available to people looking for stability and control of their assets through our financial planning, wealth management, administrative, and lifestyle services.

Our family office creates customized estate and retirement strategies with robust financial portfolios to meet our clients’ long-term lifestyle and financial goals.

Our advisors would be glad to discuss our asset management, retirement planning, private banking, insurance, annuities, trusts, wills, and all available Medicare options for your state.

We also develop custom equity portfolios for clients with rather complex international asset management needs.

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