Ever wonder how Google really works and why understanding search is so key to digital marketing?

In this episode host Will Francis chats with SEO expert Joe Williams about the history of Google’s algorithms, the importance of relevancy, and how it’s evolving to current trends in AI. Check out Joe’s explaining How does SEO Really Work, one of our most popular episodes. Subscribe to all DMI Ahead of the Game podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And listen on the DMI’s knowledge library and join up for free.

Intro 00:00
What is the Google algorithm do? 1:00
How often does the algorithm change? 5:20
The 3 SEO pillars 12:10
Poorly produced SEO content 16:00
Google still serving up the right result 25:05
What content should I be creating? 26:48
Do buying ads affect organic search results? 32:24
What are the most valueable back-links? 34:50
How does social media links affect SEO? 40:30
5 day SEO challenge 42:45
What does the future hold for the Google Algorithm? 45:30

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