After A Car Accident, Avoid Making These Three Mistakes — Central FL Attorney Steve Kramer Explains


Listen as Florida attorney Steve Kramer walks you through the 3 things should avoid if you’ve been in a car accident.
After your accident, you may feel it is imperative that you speak to either your insurance company or that of the other driver’s so you can put in your claim now and report your accident. That may not be in your best interest.

An insurance company is going to do their best to minimize how much money they pay out. They may want you to admit fault and then you recover nothing. You also want to avoid putting any information out about your accident or injuries. This includes posting online to social media websites about anything to do with your accident. This can be picked apart and misconstrued to show you aren’t injured or you’re at fault for the accident.

And lastly, the third thing you should never do is sign anything. Whether it’s from another attorney or your insurance company, signing anything without discussing it with an attorney can kill any chances you have at making a full recovery in compensation for the harms and losses you’ve suffered. Watch the video now to learn more.

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