Here is a video about 8 major Google Algorithm Updates and the agenda of Google behind each Update.
These are the 8 Major Google Algorithm Updates
1. Panda Update
2. Penguin Update
3. HummingBird Update
4. Pigeon Update
5. Mobile Update
6. Rankbrain Update
7. Possum Update
8. Fred Update

Most of these Google Algorithm Updates make a great shake in SERP results. After this Algorithm Updates most of the ranking websites on Google are Down – rank. Google want to provide a great user experience by making these all updates. Some of the 8 important Google Algorithm Updates after 2010 are,
First one is Panda Update. Panda update is launched on February 24, 2011. The main Agenda of these update was to down rank Duplicate, Plagarized or thin content and to control user generated spam content and keyword stuffing. On this update Google introduced a new term, which was so called “quality score” to web pages, this score considered as the ranking factor.

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