This week was pretty busy, we had the third Google product reviews update and I go deep into this algorithm update. We saw what I called a Spring 2022 Google search update, Google did not confirm it and it was unrelated to the product reviews update. Google released some data on how search improved, how much it tests, how much they experimented and how searchers change how they search. Google Maps released a lot of data on their spam and fraud protection and fighting. Google did look into giving sites an eco-friendly ranking boost but didn’t do it yet. Google spoke about if you can redirect old 404ed pages to gain its old link value. Google said machine learning and AI generated content still is not high quality enough for search. Google said leaving redirects in place for only 3 months is not enough. Google said pricing is not a ranking factor, again. Google explained again why it does not crawl and index everything. Google’s Gary Illyes, Martin Split and Lizzi Sassman spoke about de-SEOing. And so much more that YouTube won’t let me add here…

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0:00 – Introduction
1 :05 – March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Rolling Out – Everything We See So Far :
3:56 – Spring 2022 Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update :
4:44 – Google: We Reduced Irrelevant Search Results By 50% & Made 5,000 Changes In 2021 :
6:16 – Google Maps 2021 Blocked 100 Million Fraudulent & Abusive Edits & More :
7:20 – Google Looked Into An Eco-Friendly Search Ranking Boost :
7:40 – Does Redirecting Links That Lead To 404 Pages Gain Google SEO Value? :
8:31 – Google: Machine Or AI Generated Content Still Not High Quality :
8:55 – Google: Site Moves With Redirects In Place Only For 3-Months Is Too Short :
9:04 – Google Again: Product Prices Not A Ranking Factor But Explains Why… :
9:28 – Google Explains Why Google Does Not Crawl & Index Every URL :
10:01 – Google Talks About de-SEOing The Search Central Web Pages :
11:13 – New Google Ads Editor v2.0 Live With Performance Max Campaign Support & More :
11:23 – New Google Partners Directory Now Live :
11:33 – Google Pauses Ads That Exploits, Dismisses Or Condones The Russia-Ukraine War :
11:50 – Google Business Profile Emergency Help Attributes :
12:22 – Google Search Tests Healthcare Provider Appointments & Booking :
12:38 – Microsoft Advertising Updates Reporting Capabilities & Usability :
12:45 – Google Search Tests Light Gray Search Box :
12:55 – Google Search Bar Bug Makes Autocomplete Query Hard To See :
12:59 – Google Search With Discount Coupon Codes In Shopping Pack :
13:06 – Google Ads Tests New Ad Extension Icons :
13:12 – Google Testing Lower Price Icon In Search Shopping Results :
13:18 – Microsoft Bing On This Page SERP Feature :
13:29 – Run In Parallel The Old Google Analytics UA Tracking Code With New GA4 Code :
13:51 – Google Merchant Center Integration Live For Some In Google Analytics 4 :
13 :57 – Conclusion