Learn how to pass HSBC’s 1st Round interview.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 HSBC background
02:00 HSBC Video Interview format
03:19 HSBC Questions format
04:47 Why HSBC?
06:02 Why this role?
07:37 What would you do if a client was left unsatisfied with HSBC’s service and claimed to stop cooperating with the bank?
10:11 Describe why it is important to build relationships between colleagues from different departments and why is this important?
11:52 What is your most important strength and how do you think it will support you in HSBC?
13:35 How would you feel about working with new colleagues and how would you approach building a successful relationship with them?
15:43 Technical Questions
16:14 What do you know about profitability at HSBC?
16:21 Why is it important to focus on financial goals?
16:25 Name three current trading risks.

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