In this video, I’m talking about Chase Private Client, what exactly is this program, how does it work, and is it worth it? I thought maybe it was going to be a Black Card program where you pay an annual fee to be a part of this concierge service. But turns out I was wrong and I was surprised by how much value you actually get by being a Chase Private Client.

In this video, I’ll be sharing what a Chase Private Client is (i.e. basically a bank VIP) what your one requirement is, and exactly what the benefits of becoming a client are.

To give you a bit of a summary….

They provide you with an On-Call Concierge who works at the bank and you get their direct number for all of your banking needs, kind of like your own bank butler if we were back in the days when you had butlers.

Then there’s your Lender who walks you through their lending program and if you’re lending with Chase you can receive extra benefits, discounts, cashback, as well as letters for when you are purchasing real estate.

They introduced me to their Financial Planner (who wanted to wine & dine me which was really cool because I was brought back to a time when I was at Chase Bank and asking them to waive my overdraft fees!) who will help set up plans for retirement and investments.

They introduced me to what would be my Business Advisor who helps manage cash flow as well as strategy and business goals.

So, it’s basically like a Dream Team that you get for free, granted you can keep your balance at a certain level. It’s like the Black Card service of American Express, but better and without all of the fees.

And there’s surprisingly a lot of other cool perks and benefits, which I tell you about in more detail in the video…

Overall, I was pretty blown away by all of the service and value that was virtually free. So, just to wrap up, is it worth it? Absolutely.

Watch the video to dive into more of what you’ll receive as a Chase Private Client and drop a comment if you’re a VIP and if you’re taking advantage of these perks and benefits. Interested to know your experience!