See how a driver got a $10K car accident settlement in just 37 days! Learn why GEICO paid the policy limit for this herniated disc claim.

Find out why my client was so happy with his $10K car accident settlement.

On April 22, 2018, Jeremy was in his car and stopped at a light in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A drunk driver hit him.

The drunk driver was driving his mom’s car. GEICO insured the car.

Jeremy had neck and back pain. I was his personal injury attorney.

He had at least 3 herniated discs in his neck and 1 in his lower back.

How Long Did it Take GEICO to Send the Settlement Check?

In this injury case, it took GEICO 37 days from the date of accident to print the check. They quickly sent it. GEICO paid us the owner’s $10,000 bodily injury liability insurance limits. The drunk driver did not have any collectible assets.

Unfortunately, my client didn’t have uninsured motorist insurance.

I like claims when the at fault driver was arrested for drunk driving. This is because the injured person can also make a claim for punitive damages.

For this reason, people hit by drunk drivers often get better settlements than people hit by sober drivers.

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