Car can crashes happen to anyone. To protect yourself, you need to know what to do if you have been in a car accident. In Pennsylvania alone, 15 traffic accidents occur every hour. Taking the right steps can protect you when a crash occurs.

The police may need to file a report about the crash. You must report all auto accidents to your insurance company. Document any conversations with the other driver’s insurance company. You might go to court if no agreement can be reached on who is at fault for the accident. An experienced attorney can assist you with this process.

[0:08] When are drivers in Pennsylvania required to file a police report about a car accident?
[0:28] Why you should contact the police about your car accident?
[0:59] The importance of filing an accident report with the police even when it is not required
[1:35] When do insurance companies require you to report an auto accident?
[1:56] What happens if you do not file a crash report with the police?
[2:18] Is it important to hire an attorney after a car accident?

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