In this video, you’re going to learn what you need to do following an automobile accident in Toronto, Ontario so you can protect yourself in the event that you have to bring your claim later.



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The first thing you want to do following a motor vehicle accident is call emergency services. Dial 911 so the accident’s reported immediately. If you need an ambulance, let them know if somebody is hurt.

The second thing to do after a motor vehicle accident is to make sure you get a police report. Insurance companies will fight if the accident is not reported to the police and people can change their stories later.

The third thing to do after a motor vehicle accident is to identify witnesses. So if people come to you after the accident and identify themselves as having seen the accident and tell you they saw it and they know you’re not at fault, make sure you get their information.

The fourth thing to do after a motor vehicle accident is to stand back and take photographs of the cars or the vehicles involved so that the photographs capture the location of the vehicles relative to intersections and laneways.

The fifth thing to do after a motor vehicle accident is to seek medical attention as soon as you can.

I would encourage you to follow these five steps because they’re very important if you ever have to make any claims. So following a motor vehicle accident, you will have the right in most instances to make a claim. Sometimes those are with your own insurance, and sometimes it involves an insurance company for the at-fault party. But either way, these insurance companies, they’ll use every opportunity to minimize and sometimes even defeat the claim entirely. So to wipe out the claim.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re fighting with insurance companies unnecessarily. Take these steps and you’ll have a much more straightforward, I’m not going to say necessarily easier, but a much more straightforward ability to advance your claims should you need to.

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0:32 Step 1: Call emergency services
0:45 Step 2: Get a police report
2:22 Step 3: Identify witnesses
3:04 Step 4: Take photographs
4:26 Step 5: Seek medical attention
5:51 Overview of the 5 things to do after an auto accident
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