Today I go over exactly what to do after an auto accident.


Always stop if you are involved in an accident, this is your legal obligation. Even if you think there isn’t much damage, you have to stop and check.

Call the police or highway patrol to report the accident. If someone is injured, dial 911 and ask for medical assistance. Do not leave before the police arrive as you need to provide information for the police report. Get the number of the report to request a copy later.

Never admit responsibility for the accident. If you expect the insurance company to take care of your claim, let them do the talking.

At the scene of an accident, limit your conversation about the accident with the other party. Talk about the accident only with the police, medical professionals and your insurance representative.

Immediately records the facts of your accident (don’t forget this due to stress). Get names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident. Make sure you get their insurance company and the vehicle identification number.

The best way to be prepared in a car accident is to get a car accident form used to collect all the information at the scene of an accident from your local DMV.

Every state has a different form, so print yours out and keep it in your glove box. Accidents are stressful and the last thing you need is to be worrying about the information you need to fill out.

If the driver is not the registered owner of the car, you’ll want to collect the registered owner’s information as well. A list of detailed information to collect at the scene of the accident is discussed in the video.

If you have a camera, take pictures that show property damage from all angles, including the people involved, skid marks on the road, and the positioning of the cars.

In the video, I cover how to protect yourself against identity theft when exchanging information, what not to include in your accident report, and how to proceed with your insurance company to increase the chances of getting paid from an insurance claim.

I also go over when to get an attorney for a car accident, who pays for legal expenses, and what your lawyer can do for you to ensure a more favorable settlement.

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