What Should I Do After an Auto Accident

So what to do after a car accident in Tampa? Well, the first thing is obviously, if there are any injuries, seek medical attention. Call 911, have law enforcement respond, create an accident report, but first and foremost, make sure that under any circumstance, if you have any injuries whatsoever, seek attention. Whether it’s through the ambulance at the scene, going to a hospital, a 24-hour clinic, chiropractic, whatever the case may be to make sure there’s no life-threatening injuries. The next step after that is to contact a Tampa attorney and the reason for that is one, we want to make sure we can preserve and keep fresh, all of the evidence that has occurred in this circumstance. Next is to make sure that the steps that have to occur after the initial accident goes smoothly, such as contacting your insurance company, going through all the aspects, and continuing any treatment that might be necessary for the injuries you’ve received. So, contact a Tampa attorney as soon as permissible or as soon as possible after the accident so we can help facilitate clean, easy experience under these circumstances.

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