We make sure to prep all clients on what not to say in mediation. Medition can be an important setep in a auto accident claim. Here are three tips and what not to say to get th emost for your auto accident claim.

Today we share how not to prepare for meditation of your personal injury claim.
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Quick Links:
0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Basics of mediation and personal injury cases
1:25 – Tip #1 – Don’t get too Excited
3:00 – Tip #2 – Setting the right expectations
3:48 – Tip #3 – Talk less and listen more
5:00 – Takeaways

If you are getting ready to mediate your car accident claim with the defense, you may not know what to expect. You know that your case could potentially settle today, and it can cause some anxiety.
In today’s video, we cover how not to prepare for mediation. Auto injury attorney Drew Palcsik covers common ways you can hurt your case at mediation and get a smaller settlement for your claim.

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