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How Can I save my damaged tooth?

Spending sleepless nights with intolerable tooth pain? Or suffering from a sharp pain in the tooth while having sweet food items? Are you one of those who have a similar experience of tooth pain? Pain medication or any home remedies will only give you fast & temporary relief from tooth pain but will not give a permanent solution.

Check with your dentist as early as possible, you might be having a carious tooth. In the initial stages of decay, the pain will be mild when the infection is in tooth layers, enamel & dentin. If left untreated, it may reach the innermost layer of tooth pulp tissue which has nerve & blood vessels of the tooth causing severe tooth pain.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment (RCT) or nerve treatment is the only permanent option to save a carious tooth involving the pulp. In olden days, whenever tooth decay reaches tooth pulp and causing severe pain, removal of a tooth is the treatment option followed. But with RCT, a badly decayed or worn out or fractured or dead tooth can be restored & saved.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure
It is a very conservative procedure that saves the natural tooth. RCT is a painless procedure, prior to treatment dentist will numb the tooth. An opening is made from top of the tooth to reach the pulp chamber through which infected and unhealthy pulp is removed out of root canals. The canals are cleaned & shaped using special files. Prior to filling the canals are well irrigated to clean and remove debris from the infected tooth. A permanent inert rubber material (gutta-percha cones) used to fill the canals to keep them free of infection & fill the dead space. The permanent filling material is placed on top of gutta-percha to seal the opening of the tooth.
In some cases of badly damaged teeth, a metal or fiber post is placed into the root next to gutta-percha which gives extra support to the crown. The root canal treated tooth is trimmed to construct an artificial hollow cap or dental crown which resembles a natural tooth and cemented over it to prevent fracture.

With the advance technology like Lasers, CBCT and Microscopy has given new wings for RCT to save the complex cases of tooth damage and prevent the failures.

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Getting a root canal treatment is predictable and relatively painless today.
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