Online presence is now a necessity when it comes to doing business. People who have heard about your business via word-of-mouth will want to search you on Google. Now here’s what we need to know: what is Googlebot (or the Google algorithm) and why is it important in my business?

In my video today, I’ll be discussing the importance of Googlebot to your business’ online identity, and how to make this algorithm work for you. I’ll be sharing with you some tips and tricks you may want to consider when building your findability and what it takes to maintain your website or blog in the first page of search results.

00:38 What is Googlebot or the Google Algorithm?
02:42 It’s not about you, it’s about them
03:19 You want to prove to Googlebot that you are on your A-game
04:28 Consider blogging
05:40 Would you put yourself on the front page if you have not published for a year?
07:51 The importance of social media
10:00 Some tips you want to consider

Watch and Enjoy!
Heather Lutze

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