In this video, I will explain What is Google PageRank Algorithm and How does it work.
In any discussion of SEO history, the Google PageRank Algorithm plays an important role. It is one of the oldest Algorithms used by Google. It was invented by Google Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. At that time, it was the only Google algorithm but as of now, there are so many algorithms so what we do is follow all and do SEO accordingly.
The point that makes Google PageRank algorithm interesting is it was the first algorithm ever invented by Google but it’s still a controversial topic among SEO experts as some still believe it works while others deny its validity.

So, first, let’s find out what is Google PageRank Algorithm
Early in the 2000s, PageRank was used to determine a page’s relevance or importance on the basis of the number of backlinks that page has. It means the higher backlinks you have the higher you rank.

Google’s ranking algorithms of those times were really simple. This means high PR and keyword density were the only two things a page needed to rank high on a SERP.

As a result, web pages were stuffed with keywords, and website owners started manipulating PageRank by artificially growing spammy backlinks.

It ultimately leads to an increase in fraud.
So, it was a time when Google realized it, and in order to resolve this issue, Google introduced its new algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and others.
To learn more about the Google PageRank Algorithm please watch the entire video.

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