Mrs. Mildred McMinn, Ireland, participated in the first meeting with the investors and is a business partner of Michael J. Macken, Ireland.
She has received a substantial amount of money from these investors, as evidenced by the transactions into her accounts.
We believe that Michael J. Macken and Mildred McMinn have used her company as a shell company to take significant funds from investors without fulfilling their promises to alleviate global poverty.
Learn more about Michael J. Macken’s past involvement with the judiciary, as covered by the press:

He said he had had “no income” since 2007 and, when asked by the judge what he was living on, he replied: “I’m living on fumes.”

“Mr. Macken, representing himself and his wife, claimed he missed the court appearance due to a panic attack.”

“Mr Macken being sued for €1.8m ran across the yard of the Four Courts when an attempt was made to serve legal papers on him.”