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Waldent Blue Bite-Block is a visible light-cured, radiopaque composite restorative material that is commonly used in orthodontic treatment to temporarily raise the bite, prevent bracket damage, and eliminate occlusal interferences.
They are especially useful in cases with deep overbite and crossbite, facilitating unobstructed tooth movement and allowing for effective bracket bonding.
1. Waldent blue bite blocks are designed to minimize the loss of tooth structure during their removal, ensuring the preservation of the natural teeth.
2. these bite blocks are radiopaque, allowing for clear visibility on dental radiographs, and aiding in accurate diagnosis and assessment.
3. They exhibit outstanding wear resistance, ensuring their durability and longevity in clinical use.
4. And They have an ideal consistency, making them easy to handle and apply with a twist syringe, providing convenience during procedures.
– They are used to assist in proper bracket positioning during the early phase of orthodontic treatment.
– Bite blocks prevent brackets from breaking off when the jaw is fully closed, ensuring their stability during treatment.
– They help in eliminating occlusal interferences, allowing for unobstructed tooth movement and improved treatment outcomes.
– Bite blocks can be used effectively in orthodontic treatment procedures involving aligners, ensuring proper alignment and bite registration.

Directions to Use:
– Assess the patient and determine the desired amount of bite to be raised.
– After etching, apply a bead of Waldent Blue-Bite Block composite material on the occlusal surface of the lower first molar.
– Use a UV light to initiate the curing process of the composite until an initial set is achieved.
– Finally Adjust the composite by grinding and using an articulating paper.

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Product link – https://www.dentalkart.com/waldent-blue-bite-block.html?pg_rf=b3A9aG9tZSZzZWM9V2FsZGVudCBBbENoZW0mcG9zPTQ=