In this video, I go over Smart Ways To Manage Job Search Expenses.

Knowing this is essential to Velocity Banking, investing correctly, and even starting your own small business.

We need to know how to allocate our finances and in this video I go over some of the elements that will help you be a better Velocity Banker.


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Partial Transcript:

Smart Ways To Manage Job Search Expenses

A job search can be expensive as well as time consuming. There are ways to manage your expenses so that you get the maximum value out of your spending. These are strategies for keeping costs down and taking advantage of all the tax deductions you are entitled to.

Reducing Job Search Expenses

1. Network over coffee. Face to face networking still matters even in a Facebook age. Inviting people out for coffee or breakfast is usually less expensive than lunch or dinner.

2. Choose your wardrobe carefully. Buy your interview suits and tasteful accessories at consignment shops or on eBay for a fraction of the retail cost. Select separates that you can mix and match for more options.

3. Barter for services. Some job coaches are worth their high fees, but you may know people who will help each other out for free. Offer to proof read each other’s resumes. Share job leads and take turns rehearsing for interviews.

4. Access community resources. Local government offices, nonprofits and business groups often provide free and low cost career services. Call your state employment office and check community calendars.

5. Evaluate your travel priorities. In a tight job market, some employers may expect you to pay the travel expenses for long distance interviews. Ask yourself if the position is worth it for you. Clarify how many candidates are being considered.