0:00 Intro
0:51 Handpieces and Setting up the Dental Unit
2:24 Anesthetic Syringe and Needle Discussion
2:53 Overview of Instruments
3:44 Assembling Anesthetic Syringe
4:27 Preparation of the Tooth
6:14 Functions of the Instruments/Materials
10:30 Overview of Tray Set Up and List of All Instruments/Burs

Universal Composite Tray Set Up

Please Note: Every Dentist will have their own instruments they prefer to use on a tray set up, this is an example of a “Universal Composite Tray Set Up” that has many different dental instruments that may or may not be used by a Dentist for a Composite procedure.

Every Dentist will have their own way of setting up a tray for a procedure based on their favorite instruments and the order they prefer. This video is meant only has a basic introduction to a “Universal Composite Tray Set Up”. Many of the instruments on this particular tray set up may not be used by every dentist. It is only meant as an example of a Universal Composite Tray Set up with many different instruments.

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