SEO success on Google My Business Profile comes down to one thing in 2022. This tutorial will provide optimization tips for beginners. Explained in plain English so you can rank on maps quickly. NEXT The 20 sections To Google’s Algorithm Explained

Are you one of the over 200 million businesses worldwide trying to get to #1 on Google Maps and Google Search? Success is down to one key thing. Tap into that and you will start to get a further ranking locally and you will stop saying Google algorithm has it in for me and understand how it works.

As soon as you register your business, the algorithm is taking the details you supply
business name, area, main category, photos, and how long established, it also compares it with what it already knows about the business (where from? other references citations indexes, its own search engine)

Google algorithm will start to form a picture of how useful you are for nearby customers looking for your services and depending on how complete and established your info is Google will invisibly decide on how prominent it will make you.

But remember the google algorithm is wanting to show the right business to the right customer and the chances are a well-established business is going to be a better fit for the customer searching

Google looks at 3 things :
Where is the searcher?
What do they want (their intent)?
Who is the best authoritative fit nearby?

Then it notes the signals the result produces, customer clicks and stays is positive upvote to the business result, customer click’s away and that’s a down vote

The algorithm learns from the human interaction above and then adjusts your ranking and the results accordingly

The facts are there is no quick fix, just a clear understanding of what your ideal customers want and delivering it better than others locally, this gives great reviews and positive signals, which in turn feedback to the Google algorithm – that’s the key

Of course, this was a brief summary of the algorithm, want to now use it to boost your business – then head over to “How To Rank First On Google My Business Profile” break it up into 20 sections you can follow along with

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Does Google have it in for your business?
0:40 Where Google starts
1:20 What’s Google looking for
1:50 A Key Thought
2:14 3 areas Google looks for
2:45 Now the Signal adapts the result
3:25 The algorithm key

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