This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report for May 2023. Google may have pushed out an unconfirmed search algorithm update on May 1st and 2nd, and that update seems to have heated up in a big way later on in the week. Microsoft opened Bing Chat to all and updated some features. Google uses a mix of factors to determine if content demonstrates E-E-A-T. Google says don’t use the canonical tag for syndicated content anymore. Google says video descriptions in structured data are now just a recommendation. Google says disavowing links based on third-party data is a terrible idea. Google does not trust outbound links from spammy sites. Google is highlighting text in the “things to know” section. Google is testing perspectives as a search filter. Google is testing pros and cons in the video section. Google image and video search is rolling out blurring images and videos for SafeSearch. Google said search impression share is not coming to Performance Max in Google Ads. Microsoft Advertising added campaign-level change history and code-free conversions and postponed the enhanced CPC change. Google Business Profiles listed tips for bulk verification delays. Oh, Google confirmed it does send texts to businesses to verify data. Most SEOs got started by reading and practicing, a poll said. I had Glenn Gabe on the vlog this week, and for the next few weeks, check it out. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – May 2023 Google Webmaster Report :
1:37 – May 1st & 2nd Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – Unconfirmed :
1:51 – Google Early May Search Algorithm Unconfirmed Update Heats Up :
2:36 – Microsoft Opens Bing Chat To All With New Upgrades :
3:21 – Google: We Use A Mix Of Factors To Determine Content That Demonstrates E-E-A-T :
4:45 – Google Updates Canonicalization Help Document: Don’t Use Canonicals For Syndicated Content :
5:41 – Google Video Structured Data No Longer Requires Descriptions :
6:10 – Google: It’s A Terrible Idea To Disavow Links Based On Third-Party Metrics :
6:28 – Google: We Do Not Trust Links From Spammy Sites :
7:08 – Google Also Highlighting Text In Things To Know Section :
7:23 – Google Tests Perspectives Search Menu Filter :
7:40 – Google Search Video Results With Pros and Cons Within Video :
7:51 – Google Image & Video Search Test Blurring Explicit Content, Instead Of Removing It :
8:20 – Google: Search Impression Share Not Coming To PMax Campaigns :
8:42 – Microsoft Advertising Gains Campaign-Level Change History, Code-Free Conversions & Postpones Enhanced CPC :
8:53 – New Google Business Profiles Tips To Avoid Bulk Verification Delays :
9:03 – Google Texting Businesses To Validate Google Business Profile Information :
9:31 – Poll: Most SEOs Got Started By Reading & Practicing Alone :
9:55 – Vlog #221: Glenn Gabe On Bing Chat & Google Bard & AI Generated Content :
10:03 – Conclusion