Phoenix car accident attorney John Kelly answers online questions about Uber and Lyft car accidents for both drivers and passengers. If you have been injured in a ride share accident feel free to post your questions below the video or reach out to John directly.

Danny- I’m a part time Uber driver, however, my question is for my mom. She’s elderly and takes Uber occasionally to her doctor’s office when I’m unavailable. She was involved in a wreck while she was a passenger. Her injuries were not major, but since she’s so old, it’s made it difficult for her do just about anything as she’s in pain. What should I do?

Alex- Myself and some friends were riding in an Uber and this guy was absolutely awful. He ended up having a wreck which was not surprise. Three of us have very minor injuries but nothing serious. Do we have any way to get paid?

Sarah- Hello John. I drive for Lyft and was involved in an accident which was not my fault and I’m having neck pain. I’m not sure what to do at this point?

Miguel- I was seriously injured in an Uber accident and the insurance company is wanting me to settle for a fairly large amount of money. What do you think I should do?

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