Overall, the crypto news recap shows that the crypto industry is still facing challenges from regulators and lawmakers. However, there are also signs of progress, such as the launch of the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF. It will be interesting to see how the industry evolves in the coming months.
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The U.S. District Court upheld sanctions against Tornado Cash, a decentralized privacy tool also used by money launderers.
Coinbase launched the “Stand with Crypto Alliance” to mobilize crypto supporters ahead of key votes in the U.S. Congress.
Coinbase secured approval to list crypto futures in the U.S. from the National Futures Association (NFA).
FTX and Genesis reached a $175 million settlement, resolving a complex legal dispute involving intertwined loans and customer claims.
Judge Torres granted the SEC’s request to appeal in the Ripple case.
Valkyrie Funds filed with the SEC for a new Ethereum Strategy ETF.
Republicans questioned the SEC’s “shady approval” of crypto broker Prometheum.
Binance filed a motion for a protective order against the SEC.
CoinDesk trimmed its editorial staff by 45% ahead of a potential sale.
Silvergate Bank’s top executives departed amid ongoing liquidation.
Celsius seeks user approval for restart as a user-owned entity.

The SEC is continuing to crack down on decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, with the ruling against Tornado Cash being a major victory for the regulator.
Coinbase is taking a proactive approach to regulation, launching the “Stand with Crypto Alliance” to lobby for clear and fair rules for the crypto industry.
The settlement between FTX and Genesis is a positive development for the crypto lending industry, as it shows that companies are willing to work together to resolve disputes.
The SEC’s appeal in the Ripple case is a setback for the company, but it remains to be seen whether the regulator will be successful in its arguments.
The launch of the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF is a positive sign for the growing crypto ETF market.
The Republican lawmakers’ concerns about the SEC’s approval of Prometheum are a reminder of the political challenges that the crypto industry faces.
The layoffs at CoinDesk are a sign of the tough economic conditions facing the crypto media industry.
The departure of Silvergate Bank’s top executives is a further blow to the crypto-friendly bank.
The Celsius user vote is a significant development for the company, as it will determine whether it can continue to operate as a going concern.

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