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When you get into an accident, it can be hard to think. So here’s some easy things that you need to do immediately. First of all, get out that smartphone and start taking some pics. Take as many pics as possible, even selfies yes, at the scene of the accident and document everything. Second, exchange insurance information. And don’t forget to snap a pic of the other person’s driver’s license. And if they don’t have insurance, that’s okay still get their information that they can provide. Secondly, call the authorities. Call the local traffic control, the Sheriff, wherever you are, because it helps to have them on your side and it helps to have an accurate accounting of the situation. And lastly, but not leastly, actually, most importantly, you really need to seek medical attention, whether it’s someone that arrives on the scene of the accident or if your car or vehicle is still drivable. If a friend picks you up, go to an emergency center, go to a local hospital, wherever you feel most comfortable. But please take care of yourself because you might not really realize it. You might still be in shock, but you’re probably injured.