Join us in this groundbreaking episode of Real Estate Talk Podcast, where we delve deep into the seismic shifts shaking the foundations of the real estate industry. From the landmark Sitzer/Burnett lawsuit to the intense scrutiny on the National Association of Realtors (NAR), we’re unpacking the intricacies and impacts of buyers now paying their own commissions. Veterans, are you aware of how the VA home loan benefits guidelines, Chapter 8, pages 8-10, affect you? We’re breaking it down. Plus, we’re exploring the future of referral programs from giants like Zillow flex partners, Rocket Mortgage, Veterans United, and Navy Federal. With the Department of Justice pushing for decoupled real estate commissions, how will mortgage lenders and the industry at large adapt? Don’t miss our expert insights and analysis on these critical developments that are reshaping real estate as we know it.

0:00 Sitzer/Burnett Vs NAR Overview
3:50 Lawyers Real Winner in Case Vs NAR
4:54 No Collusion Among Most Realtors
7:08 Results of Being a Sellers Market Too Long
11:18 Home Sellers Will Lose Big Time
15:34 Buyer Agents Have the Most Difficult Job
19:18 Cost to Home Buyers Will Increase Substantially
20:50 Home Values Are Going to Drop Like Rocks
25:04 Realtors Can’t Stand Each Other
26:12 Real Estate Brokerages That Bent the Knee
30:24 Low Income Home Buyers Are at Risk
32:22 Real Estate Industry Relies on Buyer Agents
38:12 Lender Referral Programs in Jeopardy
46:55 How to Negotiate Against Lenders
53:35 Supply and Demand on Home Values
54:16 How NAR Ruling Disefranchises Veterans/Military
1:03 Seller’s Market Will End, Buyers Will Be Out For Blood
1:06 The Collapse of NAR Imminent?
1:10 Zillow Positioned to Take Over Real Estate Industry
1:22 Wrap Up

Opinions expressed on the Real Estate Talk Podcast are of Joshua Britt and Robert Keilman’s own based on experience obtained through working with numerous home buyer and seller clients as well as personal real estate investments.

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