Spondylosis or spondylolisthesis is a degenerative condition that is not caused by a car accident. But it can be a serious injury for which you can get compensation after a car accident. Wait, what? Let me explain.

Spondylosis occurs as a result of disc deterioration and facet arthritis that happens from the wear and tear of life. This is a congenital condition that many of us have. When the disc deteriorates, it triggers the liberation of many inflammatory factors. When a disc breaks down, you lose your shock absorbers between those discs. This degeneration leads to the posterior synovial joints to absorb great force. The result is an even greater injury to those joints that further exacerbate the inflammatory process.

As awful as that sounds, many of us go through life with spondylosis and never know. No one fully understands why it causes great harm to some people and is not harmful to others. However, there is no question that spondylolisthesis is often asymptomatic and only detected in individuals who never knew they had it after a traumatic event. So dormant spondylosis in an otherwise healthy person can be activated in a car or truck accident.

So the question, then, is whether you can bring a personal injury claim in Maryland when your primary injury is connected to spondylosis?

The answer to this question is it depends. Some spondylosis cases are worth millions. Others are worth virtually nothing. Of course, there are many in between. This video gives you a lens to where you fall on that spectrum and how insurance companies look at these claims.

The insurance company and their doctors will tell you that you cannot bring a sustainable claim. They make the argument that the victim had spondylosis and then suffered a neck or back strain. Then, they say the neck sprain healed and you were left with spondylosis.

But the real question most people want to know is whether they can bring a personal injury claim in Maryland when your primary injury is connected to spondylosis.

The video explains these claims, how plaintiffs’ lawyers approach them, how insurance companies view them, and what it takes to win one of these cases either at trial or via an out-of-court settlement.

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you will find sample settlements and verdicts in spondylosis cases which might give you a better idea of the settlement value of these car accident cases. This video is older but everything on here is as true as the day it as posted. The verdicts and settlements in these cases on the website are updated to 2019.