[Romanian] Podcast Series about innovation through open banking releases the forth episode regarding GAIN – the Global Assured Identity Network. In September 2021, during the European Identity and Cloud hybrid Conference in Münich, and a day prior to the International Digital Identity Day (IID), a work-group of more than 150 identity experts launched a new global initiative called GAIN. Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) is now in a blueprint phase for a proof of concept, yet many financial services players (especially banks!) showed interest in the initiative. Find out more about this ambitious project from Andrei Dumitru (one of the co-authors) and Daniel Coman (Digital Identity Expert), in this discussion moderated by Ana Maria Georgescu (co-founder Smart Fintech).

Some highlights: GAIN is build as an network of business entities that follow proven identity standards and can be held accountable for their cyber-actions, all in the benefit of end customers targeting safer transactions and interactions.