[Romanian] Podcast Series about innovation through open banking releases the third episode regarding Smart Pay – the first Payment Initiation Service through open banking licensed by the National Bank of Romania, that can be used both as an alternative to any online payment, and as a payment accelerator (it can be integrated in any app that manages financial resources). Find out more about the product, its development, use-cases and addressability in this insightful discussion with Ana Maria Georgescu and Andrei Dumitru, both co-founders Smart Fintech.

Some highlights: SmartPay was created in compliance with the Revised Payment Services Directive, known as PSD2, that opens the financial sector to other authorised players as well (apart from the banks and their traditional services), known as Third Party Providers (TPPs).

By using SmartPay, each user can initiate a payment from an owned Romanian bank account, providing that he/she owns a bank account that can be accessed electronically for one of the integrated Romanian banks: BRD, BCR, Banca Transilvania, ING Bank, CEC, Raiffeisen. SmartPay is developed as a plug&play app, and it could easily be integrated in any platform, to offer your clients access to a rapid payment initiation or simply an alternative online payment method.