The single dental implant procedure requires a few stages:

1. Tooth Extraction (if needed) and Bone Grafting Procedure
(healing period)
2. Implant Placement
(healing period)
3. Crown Placement

While single implants procedures require a number of months, full mouth dental implants (New Teeth Now) procedures can be done in a single day.

One-day full mouth procedures are possible because full arches of teeth can be supported by 4+ implants, which can be placed in any location in the jaw that possesses adequate bone density. This often eliminates the need for bone grafting, and evenly distributes the force exerted on the implants.

In the case of single implants, the underlying bone is often not dense enough for immediate implant placement. Bone grafting will be required along with a healing period before the implant can be placed. Once the implant is placed, another healing period will be required before the crown can be placed. This is because any force exerted on the crown will be directly applied to the single implant, which will need time to fuse with the bone before it can withstand such pressure.

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