This video tells about Oral medications used for sedation in dentistry for patients with high anxiety in order to calm them down and have a better experience.

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🗂️ Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:10 Antihistamines used in Oral sedation
4:33 Pediatric dosage for Antihistamines in oral sedation
5:32 Benzodiazepines for Oral Sedation
5:35 Adult dosage for Moderate conscious oral sedation with Benzodiazepines
6:58 How to calculate max dosage for Triazolam given orally in adults
6:71 How to calculate max dosage for Lorazepam given orally in adults
7:59 Dosage chart for adults for Triazolam and Lorazepam
10:19 How to reverse Overdosage of benzodiazepines?
11:25 Flumazenil dosage
11:57 Non benzodiazepine drugs for moderate conscious sedation
11:58 Drugs in pregnancy
15:18 Oral Sedation for Diabetic patients
19:38 Can you do oral sedation in patients with sleep apnoea?

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