Although banks have a long history, people have always distrusted them. The banking system has raised questions even among the richest people in the world. The entrepreneur and billionaire Henry Ford believed that ordinary people were better off not knowing how banks really worked. It was one of Henry Ford’s quotes that motivated me to create this video and tell the secrets of banks that people have never heard of.

The unreliability of the banking system, its tricks and deceptions are due to the low financial literacy of the population. People don’t know how to manage money correctly and bankers take advantage of this easily. Rich people like Henry Ford treat money more scrupulously and therefore do not fall into the trap of cunning bankers.

Most people need to take an example from Henry Ford and take a more intelligent approach to personal finance. Choose the right instruments of passive income, study in detail all the stocks and offers of banks, learn how to take out a loan correctly.

Once you have learned all the secrets of banking, you will be one step closer to a free and rich life. Hurry up, because your bank may also have creepy secrets that you won’t like. They could be the reason you’re losing millions of dollars.

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