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PPP EIDL and Unemployment

Warrants are being issued for EIDL who lied. Got Extra funds.
Class action lawsuit. Against the USA.

Christmas came early from Awesome Viewer.

After this:

Heroes Act Dead on Arrival. Heals Act Dead on Arrival. Unbelievable..
Gop Senate Bill $1,200 Direct Payment Chart.

Democrats want to add $3 Trillion to Budget here is what Mitch Mcconnell said about that.

Here is what Democrats are saying about the Liability Protection

Here is the Statements Made by Democrats about the Heals Act

Half the Senate Republicans don’t support any bill. 15 to 20 members are opposed

Lessor bill or the Bigger one.

Late Day Update 3 ½ meeting supposedly their most productive meeting with Mark Meadows Steven Mnchin and the Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Mitch Mcconnell close to and in contact with White House that seems to be negotiating this bill.

There meeting tomorrow Aids will be writing up the bill and have Draft Monday. I’m sure there will be working through the night. While the Bosses are upset about what they want and what they think they can get.

Complete Package. Republican’s Steven Mnuchin, Mark Meadows and Mitch Mcconnell.

Nancy Pelosi says this is like a freight Train that we need to stop.

Steven Mnuchin very positive meeting. A subset of issues that they agree on. PPP, Schools, Unemployment, Jobs, and Liability.

PPP has 7 days left but really 4 or 5 so if you have been putting it off. Like so many things in life we do. Don’t miss out on this lifeline.

EIDL Still Open
Warrants for arrests are going out for people.
EIDL grant is gone, but the EIDL still open for loans. Don’t miss out on your PPP Loan that can be forgiven from Cares Act is by the SBA and SBA Loans Disaster Relief Loans. Its the Help that business needs. Get yours.

Find out how much the Rich got Richer since March 2020. Yes, 4 months this will shock you.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO added +$48.6 Billion to Net Worth.
Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO +$2.5 Billion to Net Worth
Steve Ballmer Former Microsoft CEO +$15.7 Billion Net Worth
Sheldon Adelson, casino magnate +$5 Billion Net Worth
Elon Musk Tesla & Space X CEO +$17.2 Billion

$637 Billion that is two Stimulus checks for Everyone. Plus some spending cash on the side like $20 Billion.

PPP EIDL and Unemployment

Warranties are being issued for EIDL who lied. Got Extra funds.
Class action lawsuit. Against the USA.

Christmas came early from Awesome Viewer.

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Phase 1/Bill 1: Test Funding
Phase 2/Bill 2: Health and Hospitals Funding
Phase 3/Bill 3: CARES Act ($1,200 Stimulus Checks, PPP, EIDL)
Phase 3.5/Bill 4: More PPP, EIDL Money
Heroes Act Dead on Arrival! May 25 2020 passed the House.

Phase 4/Bill 5: Extra $1,200. HEALS ACT. Targeted PPP funding. An extension of the pandemic unemployment assistance payments (PUA).
PLUS Infrastructure bill (separate from these phases).

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