In part one, we spoke about who Sam Michelson is and his business development techniques. In part two, we dove into CRM software and how they use it, including looking at a new piece of software for partner management. Then in part three, we go into pricing your services, and in part four, we talk about human resources. In part five, we talk about Google algorithm updates.

He said in the old days of SEO, it was live and die by these Google algorithm updates. With reputation management, it is about managing the first ten to twenty results, and it is about doing SEO for not just your site but other sites you don’t manage.

They take a data-centric approach to Google algorithms. They basically look at the search results for the competing search results. Then they try to replicate those results based on what Google tends to rank for those queries. Then you find a pattern, and then you try to repeat that pattern.

Reputation management aims to build a search result set that Google wants to show, people want to see, and your clients approve of. And that type of content is things you own, earned media, profiles, and it tends to be all very deliberate.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:15 – Early Google Algorithm Updates
1:15 – Harnessing the Google Algorithm Updates
2:55 – Google Search Results Landscape Patterns
9:40 – Google Search Interface Changes
10:07 – RipOffReport