If there a road accident happened caused by Motorcyle or Car it might have resulted in causing injuries to passenger etc or may cause his death. In the cases of accident, different things are observed like to what extent injuries are caused to the injured person (fracture, amputation of any organ, death of the person injured), what was the intention of driver, whether he was holding driving license or not ? Furthermore different other things are also observed by the court according the circumstances of each case. If the driver has a valid driving license and had no intention to harm or cause death nor same has been specifically mentioned in the FIR, in such case, bail shall be granted to the accused as its come in the bailable offences. However, if in the FIR, it has been alleged that the driver had intention to cause harm or cause death, and the Driver also have no driving license, in that eventually, different non bailalbe offences can be attracted and it would be difficult for the accused to get bail. It is the desertion of the court to either grant or refuse the bail.
In road traffic accident, different sections can be applicable like 279, 337G, 320, 322, 334,324 PPC Pakistan Penal Code etc but it depends on circumstances of each case.
In this video, I have also given a reference of a judgment regarding accident case.

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