Six Republican State Attorney Generals are sabotaging Biden’s student debt forgiveness.

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On Thursday Six republican-led States sued Biden to block his student loan forgiveness. Before that there was a right-wing organization trying to think of what its name of it was. I don’t know if it wasn’t quite the Federalist Society. it was a right-wing organization that it brought suit for on behalf of one of the people working there. and the guy did not want to be forced to have his student loan debt forgiven because he might incur a tax liability associated with it from his state. and you know this is just a way for them to sink the loan. I mean he was not necessarily the most disingenuous. I mean put him in a different tax bracket. obviously, it’s the same strategy they did with them and are still doing with the ACA. it’s pretty funny though what ultimately happened. the Biden Administration. again there are two suits. The Biden Administration and the DOJ basically said okay we are both making it optional now you can opt-out of debt forgiveness. even though we’re doing it automatically for people. you’re allowed to opt-out if you want. and then they personally canceled his debt forgiveness. and so that because he was suing for it the DOJ just went in and they said okay we will not forgive your debt. and the reason why they had to find this guy to do it was because they have a problem with standing. which just to remind people means if you’re going to sue because of Damages you need to be the person who is suffering those damages. and if you’re not you’re not a party to the suit. and because he has the opportunity to either opt-out and now because he is not getting student loan debt forgiveness he has no standing, in that case, is not going to move forward.